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Do you know the knowledge of RF tag[Bohang China]

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Do you know the knowledge of RF tag[BOAHNG]


As we all know,there are two major categories of security tags,one type is soft labels,the other one is hard tags.But do you know these two major security tags are all divided into major categories,the soft label can be divided into AM soft label and RF soft label,the hard tags also can be divided into AM tag and RF tag.Today,BOHANG electronics will focus on introducing the knowledge about RF tag.


Firstly,the RF tag include the RF soft label and RF hard tag,different products need to use different RF tag to protect.In general, you first need to figure out which type of EAS system is installed in your store,and then you can know whether you need to use RF tags or AM tags.These two are matched using with each other,of course,the RF tag is matched with RF system.The RF soft label is made of paper, film or special material, and the back is coated with adhesive,which a composite material is used silicon base paper as for protecting the paper, and is processed into a finished label after printing, die cutting. When applied, it can be applied to the surface of various substrates by simply peeling off the bottom paper, and it can be automatically labeled on the production line using a labeling machine.



RF hard tags are generally made of high-strength engineering plastics, combined with a dedicated anti-theft coil, which is rugged and extremely sensitive. Can be widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, food, cosmetics and other commodities.its working frequency is 8.2MHz,detection range is from 1.0 metre to 1.8 metre.But when you choose RF tag for your own store,you need to choose the one which looks like new-new and bright shell,because the RF tag made from new materials are strong and durable,of course, the price will be slightly more expensive.

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