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Do you know the quality of the eas anti-theft hard tag? [Bohang China]

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Do you know the quality of the eas anti-theft hard tag? [Bohang China]


Anti-theft tag as an important part of the anti-theft system, its quality affects the detection performance of the anti-theft system, not only in the detection distance, but also has a great impact on the detection rate, then when we purchase such anti-theft supplies How should we distinguish its quality? Today, Bohang China will introduce the quality problem identification analysis of the eas anti-theft hard tag.


 Bohang eas anti-theft hard tag


The main components of the eas anti-theft hard tag are "lock" and "coil". The quality of the two can be directly distinguished by the quality of the two. We first analyze the lock, and the eas anti-theft hard tag is mostly an independent lock. Generally do this. Manufacturers of independent locks will go to other independent manufacturers to make ready-made locks for processing. Since many independent lock manufacturers are small in scale, the processing environment is relatively bad. 

For the vital components of the hard tag, the requirements of the lock are more demanding, which will directly affect its future use, and can not smoothly unlock the lock and the life of the lock. In the independent lock, it is often seen that due to the harsh processing environment or the use of inferior and rust-resistant iron beads, there are too many impurities or rust adhesions in the inside, which makes it impossible to open the lock and eventually indirectly damage the goods.


Bohang eas anti-theft hard tag

The coil is a core component that analyzes the good and bad of the entire anti-theft system. The coil is actually an LC oscillation circuit. In order to reduce the cost of the inferior label, the original copper wire will be changed to copper clad aluminum wire or aluminum wire directly to reduce the cost. Therefore, the label is susceptible to moisture oxidation and thus affects the service life. In the process of label processing, there is a process in which the label is bonded by an ultrasonic machine. This will have an instant high temperature. 

Inferior labels generally use plastic-coated wires. The melting point of the plastic is very low, so the process of ultrasonic bonding labels is easy. The coil is melted to cause a short circuit, which directly affects the yield of the product. Therefore, when you buy anti-theft tags, you must choose carefully, ask more, look at them, and pick more to get the eas anti-theft hard tag with quality assurance.

Bohang eas anti-theft hard tag

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