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Do you know the types of security tag?[Bohang china]

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When we go to supermarket or clothing store in our free time,we may see there are many types of security tag attached on products and clothing.We may feel confused,why these products and clothing are using different security tags,Do they have same function and use same materials?Now NANJING BOHANG electronics will introduce them for you,if you are a retailer,you may learn how to choose right security tag for yourself store.



The security tag contain soft labels, hard tags and other types of security tag.When do I need to use soft labels?The soft label is a one-time use EAS label with a sticky on back that can be attached to the product.Soft labels are suitable for most products except fresh food.According to its shape and color, it is divided into: white label, black label and barcode label.When you purchase soft labels back to your store,it is best to use it within half a year.Because the viscosity of the sticky has an expiration date.If you already put it on the product,it is no problem.


The hard tags can be further divided into anti-theft deduction tags, bottle tags, cans tags and protection boxes, etc. The hard tags must be removed through a special tag remover.Some expensive products in the supermarket will use hard tags, and different products can choose different types of security hard tags. Most products can choose the general hard tags, red wine and the like should choose the bottle tags, milk powder also has a special hard tag, the shape is relatively large, built-in professional anti-theft coil, has a very high sensitivity, need to use a special tag remover to remove it . The anti-theft hard tag can be reused, the service life is long, the product quality is better, the false positive rate is low, and the anti-theft effect is good.So different products should use different types of security tag.



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