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Do you know well about clothing security tags[Bohang China]

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Do you know the types of security tags for clothing? There are lots of types of clothing stores,and there are also lots of types of security tags. Many clothing stores use hard tags. Nowadays, many clothing stores start to use soft labels. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the hard tag is that it can be recycled and reused. The soft tags are cut off and cannot be reused, but they are divided into two types, am and rf, and need to match the antenna of the corresponding frequency, but the detacher is universal. of. Hard tags are divided into new materials and recycled materials, and the magnetic bars inside are also different. According to the different magnetic bars, the price is different. The labels of the clothes are for theft prevention, and also pay attention to the beauty, there are many kinds, There are many colors and lots of shapes.


The detection range for our systems will depend heavily on the type of tag used as well as its size. Generally the larger the tag the longer the detection range. Hard tags usually have a longer detection than label tags due to the way they are constructed. Please note that interferences from old electronic devices, electric doors, metal gates and old neon signs can seriously harm the detection range. The mono/transceiver systems has detection equally on both sides of the antenna. We can also connect another antenna to focus the detection range between the two. See the “EAS antennas” section of the website for more information.


We use two standard frequencies for retailers. 8.2MHz and 58KHz. Each have their own advantage. Before we go into the differences I want to explain a couple of concepts known as “source-tagging” and “tag pollution” first.

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