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Do you really use the supermarket anti-theft eas system?

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Do you really use the supermarket anti-theft eas system?


Now with the development of science and technology, more and more large and medium-sized supermarkets, high-end supermarkets installed supermarket anti-theft eas system, it can effectively protect some valuable items and easily stolen goods, and can be a deterrent to the thief.At the beginning,the stuff will use the supermarket anti-theft eas system correctly, but after a long time, staff did not carry out daily alarm detection and maintenance, burglar problems do not carry out standardized inspection, a long time will affect the operation of the supermarket anti-theft eas system. Today, I would like to introduce the correct use of merchandise supermarket anti-theft eas system.

1. Carry on the daily inspection to the supermarket anti-theft eas system on the working day, so you can know that the supermarket anti-theft eas system is normal work, if does not do the inspection you also do not know whether the burglar alarm normally, do the inspection every day also to be able to play the very good maintenance function.

2. When the supermarket anti-theft eas system affects the customer's false alarm, we must immediately check whether the eas tag affects the normal work in the accessories of the supermarket anti-theft eas system. Don't wait for the maintenance personnel to come. We can solve the problem as soon as possible if we can check it by ourselves. This can also reduce the impact on the customer and ensure the customer's good experience.

3. To regularly check the alarm rate of supermarket anti-theft eas system, some thieves go out not to alarm, but because of anti-theft eas tags, so to regularly randomly detect the anti-theft eas tags on supermarket goods.

The normal use of supermarket anti-theft eas system is very important to the management of anti-theft in supermarkets, which can reduce the economic losses of supermarkets and increase the customer experience.

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