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Do you want to install a clothing anti-theft devices in a new store? [Bohang China]

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Do you want to install a clothing anti-theft devices in a new store? [Bohang China]

Clothing stores are now frequented by thieves. The high price of clothing is not their main goal, and many clothing stores do not install surveillance and anti-theft devices.Many new clothing store owners are hesitant to install anti-theft devices when opening new stores. Clothing store owners have different views on anti-theft measures. If you want to install anti-theft devices to increase the cost of opening a store, you can't be sure. Today, we will talk about whether the new store should install a clothing anti-theft devices.

Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

If you are the owner of a clothing store, the entire store is basically a person operating, the store does not have a large number of clothing, the daily traffic can be within their own tolerance, then there is no need to install an alarm, installation monitoring can. However, clothing stores have a large number of clothing, and passengers can't take care of them one by one, so it is more suitable to install clothing anti-theft devicess.

If it is a chain brand clothing store, the store area is large, the number of clothing is large, and the price is mid-end. So long, it is necessary to install a clothing anti-theft devices. This type of brand shop will have a lot of customers who try clothes, and the passenger flow is also large. . Generally, high-end clothing brands will choose to install anti-theft devices, but the specific situation depends on the store.

Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

In fact, for clothing stores to want effective anti-theft, it is necessary to install dual anti-theft monitoring and anti-theft devices. Many shop owners think that the installation cost of the anti-theft device is not cost-effective. In fact, the installation of the anti-theft device can help you earn the cost in the first year. The price of a mid-range clothing anti-theft device is around USD300 to USD 1000, and the mid-range price anti-theft device The use time is about 3-8 years, it is still very cost-effective. The quality of the installation and the quality of the installation are better. It is best to have a color picture quality. This can clearly see the face of the thief and also help the police find the prisoner conveniently and quickly.

Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

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