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Does eas anti-theft system really work?

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Does eas anti-theft system really work?


Although more and more business owners have installed the eas anti-theft system for their stores,but most of the businesses are confused when purchasing eas anti-theft system. Some are introduced by the friends around, some directly buy online and come back to install themselves. Have you ever wondered if the eas anti-theft system you bought is suitable for your own store, can it really play the anti-theft effect?

Nanjing Bohang  recommend that our business in the purchase of the best to find some strong manufacturers, according to the actual situation of their own stores to customize their own eas anti-theft system.

1. Combined with their own shop to determine the style of the eas system

Nowadays, eas system is available in various styles. The commonly used equipments are made of acrylic material and ABS engineering plastic. The performance and effect of different styles of equipment are different. Acrylic gives people the feeling that they are tall, and some businesses that pay attention to the beauty of the store can consider buying. Feel free to choose and determine the style of the eas anti-theft system before we customize the supermarket anti-theft device for the store.

2. Find a professional eas anti-theft system manufacturers

Internet search will find many manufacturers that provide supermarket anti-theft devices and supermarket anti-theft systems. The professional level of different manufacturers is different. Some of them only publicize themselves as manufacturers. In fact, they do not have their own production workshops and cannot provide some customized services. Therefore, when we contact the anti-theft custom manufacturer, we should try our best to choose a professional manufacturer with excellent requirements. Before the product is installed, we will send the CAD drawings of the shop to the manufacturer, or let the factory arrange professional personnel to conduct on-site investigation, and customize a set of anti-theft products for our own shop. solution.

3. Ensure the quality of the eas anti-theft system, choose the one with low price

The price of different eas anti-theft system is not the same. Before customizing, you can consult the manufacturer's business staff, let them send you a quote for the product, to understand the price of the eas anti-theft system. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the anti-theft device, try to choose the one with the lowest price.

Looking for manufacturers to customize eas anti-theft system can avoid the loss of goods, if you are planning to buy eas anti-theft system, you are not sure which one to buy, you can contact Nanjing Bohang Electronics.

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