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Does supermarket foods t have anti-theft security tag? [Bohang China]

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Does supermarket foods t have anti-theft security tag? [Bohang China]


After buying things in the supermarket, they will be scanned by the cashier in front of the checkout counter. If there is a burglar buckle on the clothing or knitted fabric, the cashier will decode and degauss the treatment, then how are the foods burglar? Some people say that supermarket foods generally do not have anti-theft is true? Today, Bohang China will tell you the truth about supermarket food anti-theft security tag.


 Bohang anti-theft security tag

In fact, supermarket foods are generally also anti-theft measures, and now more used is to use the stripe code for anti-theft. There are anti-theft barcodes on the outer packaging of the snacks, chocolates and biscuits that we usually eat. The barcode on the product is printed at the time of production, and the basic information of the product is stored therein. 

However, supermarket staff will affix anti-theft barcodes to certain valuable items. These anti-theft bar codes are the anti-theft soft tags that we often say. The anti-theft soft tags are not attached to every product. For supermarket managers, general milk powder, tea, cosmetics, etc. will be attached with anti-theft soft tags. If you pay attention to the fact that there are sometimes two barcodes on the product, one is the ordinary stripe code, and the one that is attached is the anti-theft barcode.


 Bohang anti-theft security tag

Nowadays, the RFID radio frequency tag is more convenient. It can be attached to the same place as the plain paper label, and it can be applied to the curved product, and its internal information storage is larger and the price is higher. Cheap, some bulk foods like supermarkets can be labeled with RF tags on the bags. Of course, some supermarkets still use some anti-theft security tags, like some meat or fish, and weigh the weight. After that, put the anti-theft security tag on the bag. When paying the money, let the cashier dismiss it. So, the supermarket food is generally anti-theft, but the anti-theft measures are different. A small amount of food may not have anti-theft but also Look under the eyes of the staff.

Bohang anti-theft security tag

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