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EAS anti-theft AM system and EAS anti-theft EAS anti-theft RF system [Bohang]

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EAS anti-theft AM system and EAS anti-theft EAS anti-theft RF system [Bohang]


EAS anti-theft system, also known as clothing, supermarket eas anti-theft antenna.But you don't need to understand its principles and expertise, because you can't understand it at this time. First of all, there are two main types of product anti-theft systems: EAS anti-theft AM system and EAS anti-theft EAS anti-theft RF system. These two are the most common applications. Basically, all EAS anti-theft systems are installed.If you don't understand it, let me introduce it to you.


 Bohang EAS anti-theft AM system


The EAS anti-theft AM system uses the resonance principle to perform anti-theft alarm. The EAS anti-theft detector can be an independent work, or it can be a combination of two, one, and one, and an unlimited number of installations. The characteristics are high detection rate, low false alarm, no shielding from metal foil paper, and good anti-interference. Many store's on-site environment can't meet the standard conditions of installation. Many false alarms will occur when installing EAS anti-theft EAS anti-theft RF systems. At this time, it is recommended to install acoustic magnetic equipment. The EAS anti-theft EAS anti-theft RF system is the earliest EAS anti-theft device, so the technical aspect is lagging behind the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft device. It uses radio frequency as the principle of transmitting and receiving detection signals by the system. The detector is generally composed of two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. Composition, the biggest advantage of the EAS anti-theft RF system is that the system uses lower cost and the anti-theft detection rate is high, but the anti-interference is not good for the acoustic magnetic system, it will be affected by the metal objects, and the protection exit width is also worse than the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device. So it is lower in price than the sound magnetic.


 lBohang EAS anti-theft AM system


Both EAS anti-theft system protect most of the items in the mall and are widely used to protect department stores, clothing stores, supermarket anti-theft and so on. Which one to use depends on the specific circumstances of the store, not to say which one to use, and to choose the security device, they are still professional.

Bohang EAS anti-theft AM system

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