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EAS anti-theft system effect is poor, the key issue is here [Bohang]

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EAS anti-theft system effect is poor, the key issue is here [Bohang]


  In order to reduce the probability of clothes being stolen, most bosses will install EAS anti-theft system devices at the door of the store. A small EAS anti-theft system device plays a key role in clothing anti-theft. However, due to the quality of the EAS anti-theft system device, or the incorrect installation of the EAS anti-theft system, it will bring bad results. Therefore, we want to do EAS anti-theft system, EAS anti-theft system purchase and installation are particularly important links.


 Bohang EAS anti-theft system


  1. When we purchase EAS anti-theft system, we can't just pursue cheaply. Good products are definitely levers in quality and technical identification. The quality of some zero-component devices is definitely not to say. Good products are not cheap. Therefore, the products with good performance and affordable price are our choice.


  2. Products with good alarm, low false alarm rate and strong anti-interference ability can be regarded as good quality products. For the clothing store owner, the most concern is the false positive rate. If the EAS anti-theft system device has a false alarm, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the staff, and will also cause dissatisfaction of the consumer and cause disputes; the detection rate is not If there is a high level, there will be a phenomenon of underreporting, which will bring certain losses to the store; if the anti-interference of the product is not strong, there will be a phenomenon of no alarm or always alarming, which greatly affects the normal operation of the clothing store.

Bohang EAS anti-theft system

  3. The purpose of after-sales service is also the service we all hope to obtain when purchasing products. When purchasing products, pay attention to whether the manufacturer can provide installation services free of charge, whether to provide product use services after installation; whether it is a product quality problem, whether it can be returned within a certain period of time; the anti-theft consumables for the products are in use. Is it possible to return or repair; there is also the need to choose a manufacturer with a longer warranty period that can be repaired for life. Some manufacturers now regularly come to the door to conduct free annual inspections of anti-theft devices to ensure the normal use of anti-theft devices.


  4. Can not be because there are advertisements of this company everywhere, it is determined that the quality of this company's products must be reliable; if the packaging is done well, it can not mean that the quality of the products is good, so when purchasing EAS anti-theft system devices, it must be You can't just look at the surface, you have to look at the material, you have to think about it in the long run, and choose a product with excellent quality and after-sales guarantee to be able to play a real anti-theft.

Bohang EAS anti-theft system

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