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EAS anti-theft system knowledge literacy

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EAS anti-theft system knowledge literacy


What is the EAS anti-theft system? Why do you want to use the EAS anti-theft system?

EAS is the abbreviation of "electronic commodity anti-theft system", is the use of high-tech electronic technology, so that the commodity itself has the ability of self-defense and anti-theft, from the traditional "civil defense" to "physical defense, technical defense", to achieve an accurate and effective anti-theft system.

Reasons for use:

1. The increasing number of supermarkets and warehouse retail stores brings convenience to customers, and the loss of goods is becoming more and more serious.

2, the traditional man to man, monitoring and other "civil defense" technology, because people and man to man are easy to fatigue and are large in the market, and people have more traffic, in fact, it can not play an effective anti-theft function. At the same time, in order to reduce the loss, we must increase the manpower to see the scene and increase the expense of the shopping mall.

3, the traditional "air defense" technology gives customers a sense of surveillance. There is no real creation of leisure and free material environment, and the transformation of "physical and technical defense" has played an accurate and effective anti-theft effect, and can also reduce the monitoring staff and create a good shopping environment for the customers.

How does it compare with other anti-theft means, such as TV monitoring system and artificial anti-theft?

1. point of prevention instead of the surface monitoring, anti-theft has been implemented.

2. commodity self-defense and anti-theft, do not rely on human protection, customer self selected products and merchandise self-defense matching;

3. pure technology prevention instead of human monitoring, so that customers are respected.

4., give customers universal trust, so that the thief can "expose himself" and create a good shopping environment.

Three. What are the components of the radio frequency system? What is the basic principle?

1, the detection system consists of transmitter, receiver and power box.

2. Electronic EAS label:

A, decodable label (soft label): suitable for general merchandise, audio and video, books, etc.

B, undecode label (hard label, CD and cigarette protection box): suitable for clothing, bags, shoes, milk powder, wine and so on; CD, cigarette and so on (reusable).

3. Decoder:

A and electronic decoder: remote sensing decoding of soft labels.

B, scan / decoder: scan the barcode and complete the soft tag decoding.

C, tripping device: the mechanical hard labels are detached from the goods on the cash register.

Basic principle: the transmitter launches the frequency modulation signal of the 7.5~8.5MHz, produces a warning electric field, when the induction label enters the electric field, that is, the resonance trigger alarm is produced.

Four, the difference between soft labels and hard labels, their respective applications and decoding methods.

A) the soft labels can be decoded by the decoder. They can be used only once, and can not be directly attached to metal or tin foil shields. It is suitable for general merchandise such as Xian FA Shui, boxed valuable goods, etc.

B) hard tags can not be decode, and can be opened with the unlocking device. It is suitable for clothing, bags, footwear, milk powder, wine bottles and other commodities.

Five, RF system requirements for the working environment and several factors affecting the system.

A, environmental requirements:

1, there is no large area of metal objects and 220V lines around 1.5M.

2, the distance between the decoder and the system should be 1.5 M or more.

3. The spotlights should be far away from the system (above 1.5M).

B, influencing factors:

1. Active interference: spark interference; motor, hair dryer, drill and other high-power electrical appliances; high-voltage spotlight; poor contact caused by fire

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