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EAS ink tag features and applications[BOHANG CHINA]

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EAS ink tag features and applications[BOHANG CHINA]

When we go to the supermarket or clothing store, we will find that not every clothing store uses ordinary mini square tags, pencil tags, some medium and high-end stores will choose to use EAS ink tags to distinguish themselves from other stores.Of course, the price of the EAS ink tag is also more expensive than the price of the common EAS security tags, but the anti-theft effect is very good.Today, we BOHANG electronics will introduce the characteristics and applications of EAS ink tag.

Bohang EAS ink tag

EAS ink tag can be roughly divided into mini EAS ink tag and magnetic round EAS ink tag. Both AM system and RF system all can be supported. Whether your store is equipped with an AM burglar alarm gate or a RF burglar alarm gate, all can matched with it.

Bohang EAS ink tag

The Mini EAS ink tag is an ideal ink-jet tag, Whether it's thick twill or exquisite pajamas,they are all suitable for using it. Of course, general merchandise and clothing can also be used, especially for special clothing that requires special protection measures.Small, lightweight and durable, this mini EAS  ink tag meets the retailer's high demand for tags reliability and cost-effectiveness. Marked with obvious ink tube signs and general warning signs, it is very shocking for anyone who wants to steal the clothing or product.If someone tries to break the EAS ink tags.Its built-in permanent, non-toxic, non-flammable and strong binding ink will permanently color the garment and make the stolen goods unusable. At the same time, the compact design of the ink tags minimizes the impact on the displayed merchandise.

Bohang EAS ink tag

Magnetic round EAS ink tag provide dual protection for merchandise and clothing, with a combination of significantly powerful ink tubes and sonic ferrite technology or RF technology. Its slim design and obvious ink tube enable maximum anti-theft .The flat shape does not affect the customer shopping experience. Stainless steel tag pins do not scratch or tear the garment, and they are not rusted. This EAS  ink tag protects a wide range of high-risk merchandise, allowing retailers to openly sell their products with confidence.


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