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EAS security gate is an essential for large shopping malls [Bohang]

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EAS security gate is an essential for large shopping malls [Bohang]


In our lives, we can see a variety of anti-theft measures when we go shopping. For the clothing industry, the clothing eas security gate is an indispensable thing. Although most people are well-trained now, they generally do not steal things, but there are still a small number of people who will do such things. So at this time, the eas security gate can play a big role.


 Bohang EAS security gate


1.EAS security gate can reduce losses for the mall

As we all know, the flow of people in the mall is very large, can not avoid a small number of people will fish from the water, take advantage of the store staff are not prepared, take the opportunity to steal high-priced clothing, but with the eas security gate can be avoided, because the eas security gate Using electromagnetic induction technology, installed at the major entrances and exits of the mall, an alarm will sound when there is an accident.


2. Can improve work efficiency

Shopping malls generally have a large footprint, and there are many shops in the mall. Therefore, if the eas security gate is not installed, it can only be supervised by adding staff, which not only increases the operating cost of the mall, but also the staff. Too much can easily lead to disorder.


 Bohang EAS security gate


3. Reduce operating costs

If we use the clothing eas security gate, it will reduce the employment of the personnel and greatly reduce the operating cost. Generally, only one waiter can be needed for one counter, and the chance of theft of the clothing can be reduced.


The annual rate of commodity wastage in the large retail industry is actually very high, with the proportion of stolen goods being even greater, even reaching more than 80%. Therefore, major retailers have begun to use clothing eas security gates to effectively prevent theft, which is an essential device.

Bohang EAS security gate

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