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Effective supermarket anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]

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Effective supermarket anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]


With the development of science and technology, there are more and more retail supermarkets. Although the quality of people is getting better and better, but there is no anti-theft management of goods, there will still be cases of being stolen. If it is not handled in time, it will become more and more serious. Home supermarkets also have their own effective anti-theft methods. Bohang professional products have been in supermarket anti-theft devices for 20 years, and some methods for supermarket anti-theft devices can be summarized.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices

First, monitoring: there will be monitoring in the general supermarket, installed in the entrance and exit, the main channel, the gate and so on. The surveillance video is placed in the office, and the boss will watch the monitor if nothing happens. Large supermarket anti-theft will be specially equipped with a loss-proof office, and people will stare at the screen at all times.


Second, the loss prevention staff: the loss prevention staff is equivalent to security, but the purpose of the supermarket security is to prevent losses, so the security of the supermarket is generally called loss prevention. Supermarket entrances and exits, checkout counters, gates, safe passages, and employee passages have loss prevention staff. Internal employees must go to the store to conduct self-inspection, bring things out of the store to open the line and the store is also equipped with plain clothes to prevent damage, specifically in the supermarket to pretend to be customers to catch thieves. 30% of the fine after catching it is plain clothes.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices


Third,the supermarket anti-theft devices with the anti-theft security tag, with magnetic, attached to the goods, if not degaussed by the cash register, it will trigger the security door alarm. Anti-theft tags are classified into hard tags and soft tags. Hard tags are usually used for: valuables such as clothes, milk powder, umbrellas, etc. Soft labels are often used in shampoos, valuable toothpastes, and the like. Soft labels are like barcodes, but not barcodes. The barcode is for the convenience of managing the merchandise, just like the ID number of the merchandise. When the landlord pushes the shopping cart to the checkout counter, the hard label will be removed with a dedicated decoder, and the soft label will be demagnetized twice on the degaussing board of the checkout counter. A large part of the goods are not equipped with anti-theft devices.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices

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