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Factors affecting the use of RF eas anti-theft alarm system [Bohang China]

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Factors affecting the use of RF eas anti-theft alarm system [Bohang China]


In daily life,RF eas anti-theft alarm system can be seen everywhere. Whether it is a supermarket or a clothing store or a large supermarket, it is everywhere. Generally, everyone only knows that they can eas anti-theft alarm system, but few know that they still have categories. The mainstream eas anti-theft alarm system has two types: acoustic magnetic anti-theft alarm door and RF eas anti-theft alarm system. The most used one is the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device. Then why is the RF eas anti-theft alarm system not liked by everyone? Today Bohang China will help you summarize the reasons.


 Bohang RF eas anti-theft alarm system


The application of the eas anti-theft alarm system in the anti-theft of the shop is relatively early, the price is relatively low, and the equipment is vulnerable to some external interference during the work, resulting in false negatives. The sound magnetic anti-theft system has a wide detection distance relative to the eas anti-theft alarm system. The detection width of the general hard tag is between 1.8 and 2.2 meters. The product performance is stable, and it is not easy to have false positives and false negatives, but the price is relatively high. What is the impact of the RF eas anti-theft alarm system? Because the RF anti-theft device requires relatively high ambient environment, it is generally required that there should be no large-area metal objects and 220V open wires within 1.5M around the system; the distance between the decoders should be more than 1.5 M away from the system; the spotlights used around the system should be at a distance Farther (more than 1.5M).


Bohang RF eas anti-theft alarm system


In addition to the high environmental requirements, another reason that affects it is not like it is that it has weak anti-interference performance, and generally affects its active interference: electric spark interference, motor, hair dryer, electric drill and other high-power appliances, high-voltage spotlights, Passage caused by poor contact, serious interference caused by power clutter, etc., and passive interference such as large-area metal objects, coiled wires, rolled power cords, and various signal lines of POS printers at checkout counters Will affect its use.

Bohang RF eas anti-theft alarm system

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