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Four errors about retailers on the supermarket alarm

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With the rapid development of big data network , the profit of physical hypermarket is getting lower and lower, retailers control the unnecessary and avoidable costs of supermarkets, and begin to select supermarket anti-theft devices to control costs, which is one for retailers Consideration of long-term interests, so today to talk to you in the purchase supermarket alarm to avoid errors.

1. Install supermarket alarm just to catch the thief

The main role of supermarket alarm installation is to reduce theft and loss, but blindly with the number of thieves to seize and reduce the number of losses to measure the role of supermarket alarm, there will be a misunderstanding. In fact, even the best anti-theft devices are not as effective as a deterrent to the thief did not dare to come back, the loss and trouble of the supermarket will naturally be reduced.

2. With the supermarket alarm my shop will not be stolen things

Although the supermarket alarm can effectively protect the goods from being stolen and reduce the loss of supermarkets, it still has some limitations. It may appear that the anti-theft antenna does not normally alarm and does not alarm. Anything will have its shortcomings and expiration date. Therefore, As much as possible in the ability to buy a good supermarket alarm, the seller has a good problem will be promptly repaired. However, if you do not use it, it must be a great loss, so as far as possible to minimize theft, the use of supermarket alarm management coupled with the staff to minimize the damage.

3. The use of the supermarket security equipment are used

The use of supermarket anti-theft tag specifications, the type of product classification, degaussing operation, alarm processing, etc. are done by the staff, if the staff did not operate according to the standard, supermarket alarm can not play its best anti-theft effect, so People are always the most important supermarket anti-theft.

4. Spending money out, I feel no significant role

Retailers invest in the supermarket after the anti-theft device will have a low return on investment feeling, because the real situation is not much to grasp the thief, in fact, this is a long-term investment in anti-theft measures, supermarket anti-theft really protect the thieves Heart, so that those who steal real fear, will reduce the theft occurred.

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