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Free to teach you to solve the problem of bank card causing supermarket eas anti-theft device to alarm [Bohang China]

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Free to teach you to solve the problem of bank card causing supermarket eas anti-theft device to alarm [Bohang China]


When many people go to the supermarket to buy things, they will encounter the goods they have bought and have already paid the money. The cashier will decode the degaussing of the goods accordingly. However, when the supermarket eas anti-theft device is used, the alarm is triggered. Inevitably asked by security personnel and searched, but there are no results, what is the reason for the alarm? Many people say that it is caused by a bank card or a bus card. Is this really the case? Today, Bohang China came to analyze the solution to solve the problem that the bank card caused the supermarket eas anti-theft device to alarm.


 Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft device


Under normal circumstances, not all bank cards will alarm. Some people may find that the previous magnetic stripe bank card will not trigger the alarm. Then many bank cards are replaced by chips. This is because there are also bank cards. Special coil, meaning bank card is also a resonant coil, and this indirectly makes it a special anti-theft tag, it is possible that when it passes through the magnetic field of the supermarket eas anti-theft device, its resonant frequency is very close to the anti-theft tag, and thus the anti-theft The detector detects the signal magnetic field of the antenna to resonate, and then triggers the alarm. After all, the probability is very small. Just like the jackpot in the lottery, in order to avoid such special circumstances, you can buy a card holder, which can weaken the magnetic force and avoid such a The event is gone.


 Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft device

Then the probability that the bank card triggers the alarm of the anti-theft device is small. Why is this often happening? In fact, the real reason is that the wallet with bank card triggers the alarm. At present, the supermarket eas anti-theft device has two kinds of equipment, one is radio frequency technology, and the other is acoustic magnetic technology. There are differences in price and equipment performance. 

However, any kind of equipment is used to detect whether the alarm is detected by detecting the anti-theft tag. Some individual manufacturers will have the original label of the product hidden in the product. If your wallet triggers an alarm after passing the anti-theft device, it is likely to be in the wallet. There are also hidden original tags. In this case, it is recommended that you look up the supermarket's service staff to explain the situation and let them help find the hidden tags and degauss them, so that your wallet can pass through with peace of mind.

Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft device

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