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Function of Security Tag Remover[Bohang China]

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  A set of perfect EAS anti-theft system, remover is indispensable, but the characteristics of remover must also be understood, in order to better use anti-theft products. Bohang explains the characteristics of remover for you as follows.


Characteristics of remover:

1. Reading and cleaning fault codes, fault codes can be divided into two kinds.One is the historic fault code, the other is the current fault code. Historic fault codes are  that occurred a long time ago and have not occurred recently, but they are stored in the ECU of the decoder. The current fault codes show that they are recent faults. A large part of the current fault codes are closely related to the problems of the anti-theft system.

2. Actuator test function. remover controls some actuators manually. The purpose of this is to check whether these actuators are good or not. The different action testing functions of removers in supermarket anti-theft system are also different. Some removers can support relatively more action testing functions, but some may be less. Either decoder can test the actuator.

3. Oscillographic function, in the whole system, many sensors and actuators use voltage as signal. In practical work, the frequency of signal change is very fast. It is almost impossible to find the problem according to those changed numbers. At this time, the remover uses its remover function to give us the most intuitive display, so that we can find the problem more conveniently.

4. It has the function of magnetizing and demagnetizing. When customers buy goods and pay at the cashier's desk, they have to demagnetize the hard tag. When demagnetizing hard tags need to continue to be used, they should be magnetized. Hard tags can be reused, and soft labels can only be used once.

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