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General small and medium-sized museum anti-theft solution

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General small and medium-sized museum anti-theft solution

       With the development of the economy, the humanistic environment of each city is developing. The increase is not only the consumption of the real thing but also the consumption of the spirit. Therefore, more and more people are paying for the spiritual consumption, which is most intuitively reflected in each. The number of city museums is increasing, and there are various types of museums. In ancient and modern cultural museums, as well as museums of science, electronics, clothing, etc., the types will be more abundant in the future.

       With the increase in the number and variety, the museum's anti-theft problem is also very troublesome. Most museums are only small-scale, there is not enough cost to install high-tech anti-theft system, but can not completely install anti-theft devices. So today, we introduce the anti-theft system suitable for small museum installations. Although the technology is developed now, there is still no anti-theft system for the museum, so the most widely used is the commercial anti-theft device.


       The commercial anti-theft device can meet the anti-theft requirements of most small museums. The main use is eas soft labels and eas hard tags. Eas soft labels can be attached to most porcelain, calligraphy, debris and other items. Eas hard tags can be installed on some large items such as some electronic museums of technology, clothing museums, musical instruments museums, etc.How to apply it depends on the actual situation, and these labels can be placed there as long as they are installed, do not need to check every day, Just check the normal use of the entrance and exit alarms every day, which can save a lot of manpower and time costs, and also cost less, in line with the needs of most small museums.


       If you have any problems and needs about museum anti-theft, you can contact Nanjing Bohang Electronics, we will design the best anti-theft solution for you, design the appropriate anti-theft solution according to the actual situation of your museum to ensure the best anti-theft effect.

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