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How can a clothing store guard against theft?

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How can a clothing store guard against theft?


Clothing stores are places that thieves like to visit, so theft is common in clothing stores, so every staff of clothing stores should take the responsibility of preventing theft. Everyone is an experienced clothing shop assistant, trying to find out those suspicious people who act differently from ordinary people by observing their opinions and judging their stealing motives, so as to take precautions against them, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of theft.

1. Determination of theft

Thieves are generally more cautious, theft can not be easily judged, because theft is a harmful act to society, its criteria can only be determined by the relevant state departments, so clothing stores are not entitled to formulate standards for customers'theft penalties. Because when the standards it formulates are in conflict with national laws, this kind of behavior will cause confusion in the legal process of society.

2. Handling of theft

Nowadays, many clothing stores have slogans on their walls, which are not legally valid.

First, we must make sure that we have the opportunity to buy "before buying". The specific way is to say "Do you like this dress and want to buy it", "Have you chosen it? Let me pack it for you" and so on. If you are near the cashier's counter, you can say, "Are you sure you want to buy this dress? Please pay for it" and so on. Again, remind customers to "buy".

Second, there is no further fruit to remind further. If after many reminders, the customer still has no intention of buying, you can use a calm voice to say, "I'm sorry, please give me some time to ask you something", and ask it to the office to make appropriate treatment.

The thief is transferred to the public security organ for processing, and the thief is required to pay compensation. Only through legal procedures can the legitimate rights and interests of the clothing store be protected.

3. Anti theft measures adopted by specific clothing stores

Clothing store operators should formulate a set of measures against theft according to their own layout and other characteristics. First, we should strengthen the training of shop assistants and moral education, and improve the guarding ability of shop assistants. The handling of theft must be discreet and accurate.

Clothing stores should at least keep their clothes neatly displayed so as not to be stolen by others. Clothing stores should eliminate irregular service behaviors such as unattended telephone calls, replenishment, chat and so on.

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