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How do convenience stores do anti-theft measures?

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How do convenience stores do anti-theft measures?

Convenience store supermarket anti-theft has always been a big problem in the industry. The failure of supermarket anti-theft measures will directly lead to the loss of supermarket profits, which will directly affect the profitability. Therefore, it is a difficult problem to prevent the anti-theft control of supermarkets. .

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Convenience store supermarket operators should fully consider the need of supermarket anti-theft when designing the layout of the supermarket, improve the safety of the goods, and reduce the chance of theft. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to during design:

First, in the overall layout of the supermarket, we must pay attention to the smooth flow of sight, leaving no dead ends;

Second, the layout of the shelf discharge should be straight, and corners and bumps should be avoided as much as possible;

Third, the passage should be kept open and there should be no obstacles in the middle;

Fourth, there must be a certain distance between the checkout counter and the door. The checkout counter and the shelf should be placed vertically so that the owner can clearly observe the situation inside the store.

So how do convenience store supermarkets prevent internal theft?

To better prevent internal piracy, first of all, there must be surveillance equipment. The surveillance TV can be placed in an eye-catching position to remind people of the shocking effect and provide important evidence. You can also put some tips on it. The channel set up the loss prevention staff to set the post, and the working attitude of the loss prevention staff plays an important role. As for how the loss prevention staff should do the loss prevention work, there are many things to talk about.

Commodities do supermarket anti-theft labels, and the number of valuable goods is limited. The warehouse is also the hardest hit area for thieves, so the warehouse should check regularly for signs of piracy. Cashiers, mainly to see if there are frequent ultra-short accounts, whether there is a check on the missing items in the shopping cart and the basket, because there may be outsiders. Observe whether the cashier often misses scanning and pays the acquaintance. Conduct honest training for cashiers and tell employees the importance of honesty. An honest person, a principled person is the best employee of the company. Once you find that the employee has been dishonest, he will be dismissed directly.

There is also the loss prevention supervision of the cash register, but pay attention to the method. For those who have small tickets in the supermarket, there is no such thing. I suggest not to check the small ticket, because it will infringe on the power of others and make the customers feel unpleasant. However, it is possible to set up a welcoming person (not a loss prevention) like Wal-Mart, to serve the customers who come in and out, and also to prevent loss.

In short, to prevent internal piracy, in addition to the necessary means, it also pays attention to the honest education of employees, so that dishonesty is punished (legal), and honest employees are rewarded. People-oriented, focus on human rights. Bohang Electronics welcomes you to inquire about related issues!

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