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How do supermarket security personnel work with supermarket anti-theft alarm system? [Bohang China]

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How do supermarket security personnel work with supermarket anti-theft alarm system? [Bohang China]


In daily life, whether it is a shopping mall or a supermarket, there are often cases of stolen goods. In order to avoid such losses caused by theft, merchants have taken measures of civil air defense and technical defense in their own stores, generally including human security supervision. Look, rational layout of products, installation of anti-theft mirrors, installation of closed-circuit television monitoring systems and supermarket anti-theft alarm system, etc., whether it is civil defense or technical defense can only play a strong anti-theft role, today Bohang China takes supermarket anti-theft as an example, Take everyone to know how supermarket security personnel work with supermarket anti-theft alarm system.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft alarm system


First of all, security personnel as a flexible "accessory tool" for supermarket anti-theft alarm system should always check the anti-theft device system including:


1. Security personnel must check the normal operation of the equipment system before opening the business every day, after changing the class or every time they go to work.


2. After the mall is closed, the power of the equipment must be turned off to extend the life of the equipment.


3. If there is no accident on the premise of the equipment, please check whether there are any kinds of labels or coils near the antenna, and remember which antenna and under what circumstances? If there is a continuous non-stop alarm and there are no objects such as coils, please turn off the equipment temporarily and contact the engineering maintenance personnel.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft alarm system


In addition, in addition to the patrol station in the daily commodity area, security personnel should also observe the import and export situation within the detection range of the supermarket anti-theft device and take countermeasures immediately after the alarm of the anti-theft device. The general work flow is as follows:


1. Security personnel must stand at the test equipment port, take care of the customers to enter and leave the prescribed route or passage, and review the computer ticket for the shopping customers, which can play a deterrent role.


2. When the equipment alarms, it should immediately make a judgment, requiring all customers in the vicinity of the equipment to re-pass the security inspection equipment in turn. If it is found that a customer has caused an alarm, it should first check the goods and goods for him, if it is the basic judgment of the cargo alarm There is no decoding.


3. If it is confirmed that the customer is causing the alarm, be sure to use the very polite language to invite the customer to the office for further inspection and treatment. Do not check and deal with it in the public, and try to reduce the psychological pressure of the customer.


4. Under the circumstances that the customer does not recognize it, the police have not confirmed it, or there is no conclusive evidence, the customer cannot directly determine that the customer has stolen something. Avoid using any word with a suspected thief.


5. The above inspection work must be carried out by the customer voluntarily. If the customer refuses to accept the inspection, the security personnel of the store must use the customer as the principle of God and immediately release it to avoid disputes with the customer.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft alarm system

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