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How do supermarkets do supermarket anti-theft? [Bohang]

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How do supermarkets do supermarket anti-theft? [Bohang]


 We basically go to the supermarket every day to buy food and daily necessities. When you buy a good item in the supermarket, after you have posted it, you will pass a small door with a scanner or some detected equipment. In fact, the main role of these devices is to prevent people from stealing supermarket goods. If there is an unpaid item, the device will make a sound when passing through the supermarket anti-theft device. There will be staff to deal with it, in order to reduce the economic losses of the supermarket. So there are so many things in the supermarket, everyone comes and goes, how does the supermarket know that someone is stealing goods? Today we will tell you about the reasons for this.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft


First of all, there will be some personnel in the supermarket to check, and each supermarket will basically have the security personnel of the supermarket anti-theft. They patrol back and forth between shelves, supervising whether there are customers stealing goods, and security guards have a role of supervision and inspection for customers who are unwilling to steal things.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft


Then there is the advanced anti-theft eas system introduced by the supermarket, which plays a bigger role. Supermarket anti-theft eas system is used in general supermarkets. This will effectively prevent someone from stealing the goods in the supermarket. When the goods with sensor tag are not paid, the anti-theft eas system will immediately respond when going out, and then sound the alarm. Bring the attention of security personnel and deal with them in a timely manner. The sensor tag on the product should be degaussed. After it is removed, the alarm signal will not be sent and will not be read by the receiver. So this is a device that effectively prevents the economic loss of supermarkets. CCTV is also an effective anti-theft device for the anti-theft device, which can provide strong evidence when catching the thief.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft

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