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How does the AM security tag work? [Bohang China]

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How does the AM security tag work? [Bohang China]

We often say such a sentence, "Trust God,but do not forget to lock the door." In public places such as large supermarkets, this sentence should be more important. Anti-theft is a problem that supermarket clothing stores cannot ignore in the course of business. The clothing store in the supermarket has adopted the use of the anti-theft EAS system. As a kind of anti-theft device, how does the AM security tag work? The next we BOAHNG electronics will answer you for this question.

Bohang AM security tag

1. AM security tag and anti-theft access control together constitute the anti-theft system

Anti-theft is a kind of system work. It is difficult to guarantee the effect of only a single anti-theft device. The AM security tag and anti-theft access control system is a system. The system uses a radio frequency system, which utilizes the system. The radio wave is transmitted for detection. It is an EAS electronic anti-theft device with excellent running effect. The magnetic frequency on the anti-theft AM tags of the supermarket clothes is the same as the access control setting. When the customer goes out of the supermarket door without decoding, the automatic alarm will be sounds by itself.

Bohang AM security tag

2. Using the resonance principle of the acoustic magnetic system

The anti-theft AM tags on the supermarket clothes adopts the acoustic magnetic system resonance technology. The technology is simply that the anti-theft AM tags on the clothes has the same frequency as the system detection area. When the anti-theft AM tags attached to the product enters the detection area, Due to the resonance phenomenon, there will be an audible prompt. The EAS electronic anti-theft system using this principle can achieve zero false positives.

Bohang AM security tag

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