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How does the anti-theft eas sensor sense the stealing [Bohang]

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How does the anti-theft eas sensor sense the stealing [Bohang]


Speaking of the anti-theft eas sensor, everyone should be familiar with it. We often see its shadow at the cashier's exit of the supermarket. Sometimes it is clear that the items we have purchased have already been paid, but it has been ringing through the anti-theft eas sensor at the door. It is regarded as a thief by everyone, and it is also very embarrassing to be checked by the staff. Obviously there is no stealing behavior, why can the anti-theft eas sensor ring? Let's share with you how the anti-theft eas sensor senses stealing things. I believe everyone should understand.


 Bohang anti-theft eas sensor

 The anti-theft eas sensor is equipped with magnetic sensors, which use the principle of magnetic induction to prevent theft. It is generally composed of two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. The anti-theft eas sensor uses a transmitting antenna to transmit the scanning band, forms a scanning area between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna, and uses the receiving antenna to receive and restore the frequency band in its receiving range, and then uses the resonance principle of the electromagnetic wave to search for a specific Whether there is a valid tag in the range, an alarm is triggered when a valid tag appears in the area. Therefore, when the customer takes the product with the label through the anti-theft eas sensor, it will alarm. After the customer purchases the goods at the checkout counter, the cashier will degauss the label on the product, so that the goods purchased by the customer can successfully pass the supermarket exit alarm door.


The anti-theft tag is magnetic inside, and is installed on the product before the product is put on the shelf. All the products with the anti-theft tag can be degaussed and unlocked only by the decoder and unlocker dedicated to the cashier. At present, the anti-theft tags commonly used on the market include hard tags, soft labels, milk powder anti-theft tags, battery protection boxes, and the others.


Bohang anti-theft eas sensor

The decoder degaussing the soft label attached to the product, and is generally installed on the cashier's workbench. As long as the salesperson passes the label within 20 cm above the decoder, the degaussing can be successfully performed. The unlocker, also known as the "nail remover", is used by the cashier to remove the anti-theft eas tag on the product.

Bohang anti-theft eas sensor

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