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How does the cashier perform the decoding operation of the soft label?

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When we visit the mall, we often encounter the alarms installed in the shops. The most embarrassing thing is that the security guards will be used as a thief to inquire, and the cashiers will be required to check if the goods are not removed. The location of some of the soft tags is not very visible and is easily overlooked by our cashiers. If the goods are not decoded because of the omissions of our cashiers, it will cause customers to be very dissatisfied and cause some disputes. Therefore, our cashiers must be able to decode 100% of the goods after they have been paid. The following are some of the soft label decoding operations shared by Bo Hang Xiaobian combined with his own experience.


1, first determine the location of the product on the sensor tag. If it is a covert place, the reference mark should be determined. Then, place one side of the product label or reference mark as close as possible to the surface of the decoder board to ensure that the label can pass through the effective decoding area (generally the non-contact decoder decoding area is within 10 cm from the surface of the decoding area).


2, soft label decoding must be level through the decoder board, and requires six surfaces (for large hexahedral products) are leveled through the decoder board, the purpose is to avoid the decoder board and the soft label there is a 'dead', to wait until the cashier Have already skillfully decoded the angle before reducing the number of passes.


3, the decoding speed control in one item per second, can not be too fast, otherwise there may be incomplete decoding of the soft label.


4. When the soft tag is decoded by the decoder board, the customer causes a system alarm by detecting the antenna when leaving the room. This indicates that the decoding was unsuccessful. This may be due to a mistake made by the cashier during decoding. However, if this situation occurs continuously, The supervisor shall be promptly notified that there is a fault in the decoding device.

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