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How does the ink tag achieve the ultimate anti-theft[BOHANG CHINA]

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How does the ink tag achieve the ultimate anti-theft[BOHANG CHINA]

Summer has a big drawback for retailers: as temperatures rise, shoplifting increases. As well-known to loss prevention professionals, crime tends to increase in the summer, and shoplifting is no exception. The children are resting during the summer vacation, people are not at home, and the mall is full of peoples in shops. These factors add up to the mature season of shoplifting. But this is also the peak season for sales.So How does the ink tag achieve the ultimate anti-theft,now NANJING BOAHNG will introduce ink tag for you.

ink tag


Because retailers must focus on running their business and satisfying their customers, they don't want to focus on the store pickpocket,this waste so much time and so much labor cost. But the losses caused by theft add up quickly and will bring huge losses to profits. No company wants to keep an eye on the actions of every customer to identify whether they behave abnormally. Solving problems requires more than just careful monitoring - it requires action on the ground.According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, there are about 27 million active shops pickpockets. These shop pickpockets often appear in the summer. Given that about one in 11 people is a pickpocket, it is not surprising that there are no typical characteristics of such criminals. As an industry professional, you know that pickpockets are young or old, male or female. Some of them are professional criminals, but many don't know.So we must take other measures to protect clothing,we can choose ink tag to protect them,If some people forcibly steal, the ink in the ink tag will be stained on the clothes and alarm.

However, despite these differences, store pickpockets still have one thing in common: they want to benefit from what they steal. For example, when a thief steals a pair of jeans, it is because he or she wants to use them. Whether they are wearing them, using them as gifts or trying to resell them, store pickers plan to benefit from items that he or she has not paid. But what if the retailer ruined the thoughts of the pickpockets? This is the idea behind the ink tag – the ink will stick to the stolen jeans forever.

ink tag

Since the early 1990s, ink tag have been a reason for retailers to be deterred by theft: they are a useful tool for theft of property. This is because even if the store picks up and tries to remove the garment with the ink tag from the store, he or she will not enjoy their stolen items. While some shops are good at removing regular security tags with ink tags, they cannot avoid the explosion of ink tags. This creates additional deterrence for future thieves.

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