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How does the supermarket anti-theft soft label work? [Bohang China]

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How does the supermarket anti-theft soft label work? [Bohang China]


The supermarkets all know to install supermarket anti-theft devices, but they can't do every supermarket anti-theft soft label operation in the supermarket, like small candy, chewing gum, chocolate, etc. near the checkout counter, because they are small and easy to steal. Was taken by the anti-theft cashier's eyelids underground, then these small commodities really can't be used for supermarket anti-theft soft label operation. Today, Bohang China will give you a brief introduction to the labeling operation of several small commodities.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft soft label

One is a small boxed product, these products generally use anti-theft hard tags, anti-theft anti-theft soft labels (control on the surface), on the shell, each item can not have a whole box display and double the sales according to the day display.


The second one is some small washing bottles. Their anti-theft marking standard is that the outer packaging uses the anti-theft hard label to control the whole. The bottle uses the soft label to protect the bottom of the bottle.

The third is a small bottle of shampoo products, they are more anti-theft with anti-theft soft labels, shampoo beacons in the bar code, parallel to the bar code, but can not cover the bar code numbers to ensure a beautiful and uniform. If there is a long bottle nozzle, you can use the hard tag to prevent theft. Use the rope label to loosen the nozzle (cap) of the product at the product nozzle (cap) or use the self-made rope label, and then use the rope button to screw on the product. Open the gap and then screw the item. Make sure the appearance is uniform.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft soft label

There is also a common small candy chocolate category, chocolate candy category unified soft label or milk powder folder control, paste anti-theft soft label parallel to the bar code, but can not cover the bar code number to ensure uniformity. If the smart packaging has tin foil or aluminum foil, try the anti-theft protection box. The metal will directly shield the currently used anti-theft products. The supermarket anti-theft soft label should be about 2cm away from the metal. It should also be noted that the anti-theft consumables cannot be directly attached to the metal.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft soft label

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