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How does the supermarket eas system work?

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How does the supermarket eas system work?


In the face of all kinds of miraculous theft, it is difficult for several clerk in the supermarket to get it all at once. It is impossible to keep an eye on it in minutes. So many supermarkets in large and small supermarkets have installed supermarket eas systems. To carry out theft prevention.


supermarket eas system

At present, the most widely used in the field of loss prevention in supermarkets is the sound and magnetic anti-theft device. The work of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device and the radio frequency anti-theft is different, because the stability and anti-interference of the acoustic anti-theft device are much stronger than the radio frequency, so it is very Very popular, many people do not know how the supermarket eas system alarm works, today we will tell you about it.


Supermarket anti-theft door alarm is mainly composed of acoustic magnetic anti-theft device, acoustic magnetic tag, decoder and unlocker. The working principle of acoustic magnetic anti-theft device is that the tuning fork only causes resonance when the oscillation frequency is the same. Applying this physical principle, The operation of almost zero false alarm is realized. The center frequency is 58 kHz. When the acoustic magnetic system tag fixed on the commodity enters the detection area of the system, resonance will occur, but only after the receiver receives the resonance signal for four consecutive times. An alarm is issued.


supermarket eas system

The characteristics of the acoustic magnetic system are high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarm, good anti-interference, and less impact by metal shielding. The label is divided into soft label and hard label. The decoder is used to degauss the soft tag, and the unlocker unlocks the hard tag. This principle of operation is very simple.

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