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How does thr eas soft label in supermarkets prevent theft? [Bohang]

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How does thr eas soft label in supermarkets prevent theft? [Bohang]


When we are visiting a supermarket or shopping mall, we will find an anti-theft system at the exit of the supermarket. When we accidentally take the unpaid items out of the supermarket, we will sound a harsh alarm. Then how did this alarm sound come out, why did it sound like this? This is to understand the principle of the supermarket eas soft label, how it comes to theft.


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In fact, anti-theft eas soft label used in supermarket anti-theft systems can be divided into soft label systems and hard label systems.


The so-called soft label system is an anti-theft system consisting of a detection antenna, a soft label, and a decoder. When using this system, you can protect the goods by simply attaching a soft label to the item you are selling. Once someone puts the product with the eas soft label out of the supermarket without payment, when the product passes through the detection channel, the detection antenna will detect the signal of the eas soft label attached to the product, thereby sounding an alarm.


Bohang eas soft label

When we purchase the goods normally, the salesperson will decode the eas soft label after the checkout, and the product can safely pass the detection antenna. This label is for single use and is mainly used in shopping malls such as large supermarket stationery.


The hard tag system is different. It consists of a detection antenna, an unlocker and various hard tags. When used, the hard tag is buckled on our goods. When the customer pays, the salesperson can remove it with the unlocker. Manually it cannot be opened. Hard tags are the same as soft tags. When a product with a hard tag passes through the detection antenna, the antenna will also sound an alarm. Hard label systems are more commonly used in supermarkets for all types of clothing, or shoe and hat stores and specialty stores. The difference between a hard tag and a soft tag is that it can be used repeatedly, saving money and convenience.

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