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How is the AM eas anti-theft security door used? [Bohang China]

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How is the AM eas anti-theft security door used? [Bohang China]


Whether it is a small or large supermarket, anti-theft devices have been installed in recent years. However, there are many types of anti-theft devices on the market, including sonic magnetic and radio frequency. It can be said that they have no obvious advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing supermarket anti-theft devices, they should be selected according to the actual situation of the supermarket area and building structure.Bohang China will tell you what are the advantages of the AM eas anti-theft security door, let's take a closer look.


Bohang AM eas anti-theft security door


1 .The appearance of the texture is good

In the supermarkets and other public places, the appearance quality of the anti-theft device is relatively high, and the AM eas anti-theft security door looks beautiful and atmospheric, adopts streamlined design, and the good quality material can obviously improve the store grade, which is more than the old style on the market. The appearance of the anti-theft device is better.


2. Anti-strong interference

As the market conditions gradually change, such products are slightly different in function and use, and a new upgrade is made. The sound magnetic supermarket anti-theft device works stably and has strong anti-interference ability, which makes it work for long-term stability and can be suitable for various complicated environments. The old models in the market use traditional anti-theft sensing technology to resist environmental magnetic field interference. It is weak and prone to false positives.


Bohang AM eas anti-theft security door

3. Easy to install

The AM eas anti-theft security door is usually used for remote control key debugging sensitivity size and parameter information, and can also intelligently display the information of the number of alarms. It is convenient to use and not only convenient for later use, but traditional alarms need to manually set parameters, and need to use computers and serials. And the network must be unobstructed, and the software version needs to be matched, which is more complicated during installation.

4. Smart detection is more convenient

The maintenance and maintenance of the later period is also simpler. The AM eas anti-theft security door is intelligent detection. When the wiring is wrong and the environment is abnormal, the reminder will be displayed. In the future, the inspection and maintenance will greatly save time and greatly reduce the frequency of maintenance.

Bohang AM eas anti-theft security door

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