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How is the anti-theft effect of the EAS supermarket anti-theft system

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How is the anti-theft effect of the EAS supermarket anti-theft system


In life, shopping is a very common thing to do, people's shopping psychology is the same, hoping to find good quality and cheap goods. Retailers from all walks of life buy anti-theft products with the same mentality, requiring good quality, affordable prices, good anti-theft effect and so on. Nanjing Bo avionics is a professional EAS anti-theft supporting product manufacturer, has 18 years of anti-theft experience, quality, price has the advantage, the anti-theft effect is more bar, the retailers trust manufacturers.

One, EAS supermarket anti-theft system quality: external materials: ABS, acrylic, aluminum alloy, main board: the perfect combination of new DSP technology and DSP electronic components, quality assurance, long service life, no false report.

Two, EAS supermarket security system price: direct manufacturers, price concessions.

Three, EAS supermarket anti-theft system anti-theft effect:

1. fully automatic adaptation, self detection technology, automatic gain control technology, effective identification, filtering and suppression of external interference to achieve the ideal effect of high alarm and zero misinformation.

2. stronger performance, using the same quality label can protect a wider range of FM settings, and effectively avoid interference of the same frequency equipment and the field environment through the main board's error frequency technology.

The EAS anti-theft system of Nanjing Bohang Electronics has better adaptability, beautiful appearance, high sensitivity, low false alarm rate and reliable anti-theft performance. There is no need to worry about burglary effect by installing a burglar alarm system. Want to know more about the hundred Ge anti-theft products welcome to consult.

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