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How is the detection effect of the supermarket EAS system

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How is the detection effect of the supermarket EAS system


Many supermarket owners choose to install EAS system in supermarkets. They want the EAS system can be able to burglar 100% of the goods. If achieve this goal,the EAS system is effective, but after installation,it can not meet the boss's requirements, not 100% products with hard products will alarm,why?Today i will tell you what is relevant about the detection effect of the EAS system ?



The quality of the EAS system is an important factor in the detection effect. The main hardware of the EAS system is its main board, sub-board and coil, especially the technology and performance of the main board. This is the most important hardware of the EAS system. The main board and sub-board are different, so try to choose a regular supplier , at least the quality can be guaranteed.


Environmental impact at the site

Whether AM or RF EAS system frequency is relatively low, this frequency is very close to the large electronic equipment, power supply and some heavy metal items in the store, so the detection of the EAS system will be definitely affected when there are these items in the store, generally we When introducing the EAS system to the customer, it is necessary to explain to the customer that there is no large electrical appliance nearby, and should use an independent power supply, otherwise it will not achieve good results.


Too close to the human body will also affect the alarm effect

At present, the AM EAS system has almost solved this problem, but the eas soft label still can't reach the 100% alarm rate. The RF EAS system still has the influence of the human body, and it can't be too close to the human body, otherwise it will not lead to not alarm.

The EAS system mainly uses the principle of frequency resonance, because sometimes surrounding environment frequency is same with the EAS system, so the EAS system does not alarm,this is currently can not be eliminated, and currently there is no 100% Anti-theft EAS system, so we still recommend that you choose a regular supplier, these suppliers can generally be able to install on-site,then you can know how the effect after multiple tests on the spot , and free maintenance during the warranty period, even if there are problems in the future,you can be timely service,many low-priced supplier can't provide these.

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