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How many pieces supermarket EAS system you should install

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How many pieces supermarket EAS system you should install


Many supermarket owners are very confused when they choose to install the supermarket EAS system. How many pieces they should install, and what is the correct installation location?Today, Bohang Electronics will introduce you the EAS system installation quantity and installation location of the general medium and large supermarket.


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the EAS system installation quantity

The EAS system installation quantity mainly depends on the width of the supermarket entrance & exit and the environment of the supermarket. Generally, it is enough to install 2 antennas within the entrance distance of 1.4 meters. Because the supermarket uses soft labels, the detection distance of eas soft labels is harder than the hard tags. It is much shorter, so the general installation distance is less than 1.4 meters, so different supermarkets should design different installation schemes. If the distance is more than 1.4 meters, it is necessary to calculate to determine the quantity. The distance between the two EAS system is 1.0-1.4 meters, and the outside of the alarm has a detection distance of 20-40cm, so if the longer door distance, you should inquiry us.


the EAS system installation location 

The installation location mainly depends on the supermarket door distance. The distance within 1.4 meters is installed on the two sides of the entrance and exit. This kind installation scheme that does not affect the customer's shopping experience and the EAS system has good effect. If the door distance is 1.4 meters or more,the installation location will be designed according to the decoration of the store and the site environment.Also the packaging does not affect the beauty and customer experience of the clothing store. If you want to know the installation of your store, you can ask bohang electronics.

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