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How many types of anti-theft eas system can be installed in the library?

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How many types of anti-theft eas system can be installed in the library?


The normal use of books is divided into commercial and non-commercial. Commercial is the normal bookstore, the book lending room in the shopping mall, the book bar, etc. Most of the books in these stores are either sold or placed in the store, non-commercial. All kinds of libraries that need to be borrowed, the books need to be exchanged after they are borrowed, and they are reused. The book anti-theft eas system can be installed with: acoustic magnetic, radio frequency, EM anti-theft eas system.

First of all, the commercial bookstore is suitable for installing RF anti-theft eas system or acoustic and magnetic anti-theft eas system. Most of them are equipped with RF anti-theft eas system. Because the RF anti-theft ssoft labels are very thin, they are suitable for being attached to books. The AM soft labels are relatively thicker and will influence placement, so it is still more used by RF anti-theft eas system.

Secondly, the library borrowing type library is suitable for installing EM anti-theft eas system. It has the function of magnetizing and degaussing the anti-theft magnetic strip, so that the anti-theft magnetic strip can be used repeatedly, and the magnet can be normally charged when the book is returned again, although the EM's cost is higher, but this will save a lot of labor costs, it is suitable for library installation.

Finally, the installation of the anti-theft eas system depends on the specific circumstances of the store. If you do not know which anti-theft system you need to install, you can consult us at any time,we can answer any questions you may have.

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