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How many types of anti theft security tags for retail store[BOHANG CHINA]

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How many types of anti theft security tags for retail store[BOHANG CHINA]

In shopping malls,supermarkets and other places,some people steal goods when they buy items.In order to reduce the occurrence of this situation,and to create a better shopping environment for everyone,anti-theft products such as anti theft security tags in the supermarket is playing a significant role.So how are hard tags classified? How are they specifically used?

bohang anti-theft security tags

1.What types of anti theft security tags can be divided into?

From the perspective of classification, if the anti theft security tags are divided by frequency, there are radio frequency (8.2MHZ) hard tags and acoustic magnetic (58KHZ) hard tags.According to the frequency of the anti-theft security door,same frequency anti-theft security tag will give an alarm when it passes through the channel.

bohang anti-theft security tags

From the internal structure, the built-in coil of the RFID tag is round or square.The size of the coil determines the size of the anti-theft security tag.Naturally, the larger the coil, the higher the sensitivity of the tag and the wider the detection distance.It will be easier to capture when it passes.The built-in magnetic ferrite of the AM hard tag,it has a long or rod shape.The larger the magnetic ferrite,the higher the detection sensitivity and the wider the detection range.

bohang anti-theft security tags

2.How to use anti-theft security tags?

Whether it is a radio frequency anti-theft security tags or an acoustic magnetic anti-theft security tags, it can be used with a matching anti-theft tag pin or anti-theft wire rope.Anti-theft tag pins and anti-theft wire ropes are lightly buckled on hard tags, and at the cash register, they can be removed by using a tag remover.

bohang anti-theft security tags

At present, there are mainly two types of hard tags that we see in shopping malls and supermarkets.The specific products are different, so when selecting, the specific conditions are not the same, and the use is also different.When you need to use anti-theft security tags, BOHANG electronics recommends that you must fully understand them,to ensure good anti-theft effect.

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