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How much does it cost to install the supermarket eas anti-theft system?

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How much does it cost to install the supermarket eas anti-theft system?


To understand how much it costs to install a supermarket eas anti-theft system, we must need to know the complete set of supermarket anti-theft eas system. Eas anti-theft antennas, eas anti-theft tags (eas anti-theft hard tags and eas soft labels), detachers and deactivator are used to install supermarket eas anti-theft system. Eas anti-theft door is installed at the entrance and exit of the supermarket. The eas anti-theft tags should be attached on the goods in advance. After paid, the cashier takes off the eas anti-theft tag on the goods with the eas detachers or deactivators. So when the consumers pass through the eas anti-theft door in the supermarket, they will not automatically alarm. If the eas anti-theft tag on the goods is not taken off, the eas antennas will flash and alarm when they pass  through the eas security door.

Knowing the matching consumables of the supermarket eas anti-theft system, we can determine the number of anti-theft antennas according to the distance between the outlets of the supermarket. The number of eas detachers and eas deactivators can be selected according to the number of cashiers. The number of eas tags to be purchased depends on the situation of goods in the supermarket.

Some supermarket choose the eas soft labels, and eas soft label's detection distance in about 1.2 meters. If the supermarket eas door distance is 0.9-1.2 meters, it works, the price is about USD 200, which is the price of RF eas system, but the installation of eas radio frequency system is more stringent conditions, the installation of equipment near large-scale substation equipment, and LED lights and screens, elevators and so on. If the environment is not good, the eas RF anti-theft system is easy to be interfered with, can not play a very good anti-theft effect. The eas AM anti-theft system distinguishes the stability and anti-interference ability of the built-in main board of the it, and is becoming more and more popular, which prices ranging from USD 200 to USD 399. If the door width is wide, it is necessary to set the number of installation eas system according to the distance between doors.

How much does it cost to install the supermarket eas anti-theft system? In fact, depends on the actual situation of your store. If you want to know more about the price of a complete set of supermarket eas anti-theft system, you can contact our customer service, we will give you a satisfactory answer according to the situation of your store.

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