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How much is the installation of AM eas system[Bohang]

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How much is the installation of AM eas system[Bohang]


How much money is installed for the AM eas system, the raw materials, the wages of the workers, and the electricity bills in the factory are all the production costs that the manufacturer has to pay, as well as the freight, transportation costs, and travel expenses of the workers. On these basis, there is a customer. Therefore, many merchants give their customers the AM eas system is just a thousand blocks, how can it be used? It is also certain that they do not use good materials and there is no formal production plant area.


 Bohang AM eas system


Regardless of the previous RF anti-theft eas system or the current acoustic magnetic anti-theft device, we have an independent factory from the beginning, here, strictly in accordance with the production requirements of the workshop, the raw materials for the RF and acoustic anti-theft devices are also classified. The items are recorded in and out. These are secondary, the main thing is to ensure the quality of each device, when the problem occurs, the host can be repaired to find out the reasons. It also guarantees that customers will not suffer from the cost of installing sound and magnetic anti-theft devices. It is worth worrying.

How much is the installation of AM eas system? We have our own factory buildings, so that cooperation will be more secure. If such a large factory is here, it will not give customers a random offer, nor will it give customers bad products. Any problem is that you can find someone, you don't have to worry.


 Bohang AM eas system

The detection distance can reach 3.8 meters, which can effectively monitor the shop's conspiracy, reduce the loss of the store, deliver the package to the door, and provide free training. How much is the installation of the AM eas system, now consult, you can get a quote about the model for free.

Bohang AM eas system

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