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How much is the retail anti theft security systems[BOHANG CHINA]

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How much is the retail anti theft security systems[BOHANG CHINA]

You can see shops everywhere on the street, one after the other,like dominoes.In order to attract business, many shops have designed open and optional sales methods to provide customers with a convenient shopping experience.Theft also occurs frequently.Fortunately,"While the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs ten".In order to cope with the problem of theft of goods in open sales stores, a variety of retail anti theft security systems have emerged.

bohang retail anti theft security systems

It can detect theft of goods in time to achieve shop security Purpose.But no matter what products on the market as long as "fire",there is no standard price.It greatly increased the difficulty for some businesses want to buy retail anti theft security systems.Today BOHANG electronics will tell you a few commonly used How much can you buy retail anti theft security systems in your shop.

bohang retail anti theft security systems

There are mainly two types of devices used for anti-theft in shops on the market,namely shop anti-theft monitoring and retail anti theft security systems.I believe that everyone is no stranger to store anti-theft monitoring.Nowadays,installing electronic anti-theft monitoring has little effect on shop anti-theft, but it still A bit useful.The price of electronic anti-theft monitoring equipment varies,and you can buy it for a few hundred dollars cheaper, but the quality cannot be guaranteed.such products have a lot of online B2B platforms.

Cost-effective equipment price is 500- Around 1500, this kind of product is guaranteed, the service is good, and of course it is more expensive.Unless your shop is a little high-end and has special requirements for monitoring quality, otherwise it is not very cost-effective to consider the cost. The well-known domestic brand has Haikang Prestige, Essence Antron, Nico, etc., with better installation services include Nanjing Bohang, Shenzhen Parsons, Shenzhen Nanfang Anchuang, etc.

bohang retail anti theft security systems

It is estimated that fewer people know the retail anti theft security systems.The anti-theft device is widely used in the field of supermarkets and clothing stores.Compared with anti-theft monitoring,the anti-theft effect is more direct and effective.The two types of anti-theft systems currently on the market are AM anti-theft system and RF anti-theft system.Because of the difference in performance,the general AM system is higher in price than the RF system. 

Searching on some platform will find that the price of its anti-theft system is usually low and scary. The price of most of the sets is between 200-2000RMB.Products at this price may have no problems when they are first used, but after six months of use, false alarms and non-reports may occur.Cost-effective retail anti theft security systems,the general price is between 2000-5000RMB,usually found on the websites and B2B platforms of major anti-theft devices.The quality of such high-end anti-theft devices is guaranteed, and manufacturers usually have installation and site survey designs service,and the better thing is that they have one to two years warranty and perfect after-sales service.

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