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How should a small supermarket guard against theft?

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How should a small supermarket guard against theft?


Supermarket anti-theft is not just a matter monitoring. When designing the layout of supermarkets, we should fully consider the need of anti-theft, improve the safety of goods and reduce the possibility of theft.

Generally speaking, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, in the overall layout of the supermarket, we should pay attention to the smooth flow of views without leaving dead ends.

Two, the layout of the shelves should be straight, and avoid corners and bumps as far as possible.

Three, it is necessary to maintain smooth access and no obstacles in the middle.

Fourth, there should be a certain distance between the cashier and the door, and the cashier and the shelf should be placed vertically so that the shopkeeper can clearly observe the situation in the shop.

Statistical data show that the most easily lost goods in open-shelf shops are cigarettes, cosmetics, shampoos, milk powder and other high-priced and easy-to-carry goods. The loss of these commodities accounts for about 50% to 70% of the total loss. If these commodities are protected, they can effectively reduce losses.

Shops mainly display the most easily stolen goods in their most easily seen places, so that even when very busy, they can take into account these goods, increasing the difficulty for the thieves to succeed.

In addition, the most easily stolen goods should not be placed on the shelves near the door, because there is a large flow of people at the door, it is not easy for salesmen to find or distinguish theft. In addition, centralized management can also be adopted to concentrate some easily lost and high-priced goods into a relatively small area, forming a similar "boutique area" shopping space, which will be very conducive to anti-theft.

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