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How should small and medium-sized supermarkets do supermarket anti-theft?

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How should small and medium-sized supermarkets do supermarket anti-theft?


How should small and medium-sized supermarkets do supermarket anti-theft? Bohang Electronics is a manufacturer dedicated to eas anti-theft of supermarkets. It has been recognized and supported by users for many years. Today, Bohang Electronics introduces in detail how small and medium-sized enterprises can do supermarket anti-theft, and hopes to help everyone. With the changes of the times, nowadays small and medium-sized supermarkets have to solve the problem of supermarket anti-theft. It is not feasible to rely on people to mark people. People are not very comfortable and not free, but the supermarket business is not good.

Supermarket anti-theft eas system should pay attention to the design layout, the vision of the entire space should be clear at a glance. In the interior design of the supermarket, the importance of theft prevention should be fully considered to improve the safety of the goods, reduce the possibility of theft of the goods, and minimize the risk. Small and medium-sized supermarkets should generally pay attention to the following five aspects: First, the overall layout of small and medium-sized supermarkets requires that the line of sight is unimpeded and does not leave a dead end. It must be clear at a glance. Second, the layout of the cargo rack should be straight, and try not to have corners and bumps. Third, the passage should be kept open and there should be no obstacles in the middle. Fourth, the account and the door must have a certain distance, and the cargo rack should be arranged vertically, so that the owner can clearly observe the situation. The fifth is to install anti-theft devices, cooperate with supermarket anti-theft, play a preventive role.

Bohang Electronics Research shows that the most easily lost goods in small and medium-sized supermarkets eas system are cigarettes, wine, cosmetics, shampoo products, milk powder and other high-priced and easy-to-carry goods. The loss of such goods accounts for about 50% of the loss. %, if these goods are effectively protected, it will help to reduce the loss of goods. Put the most easily stolen goods on the most visible places of business, even if you are busy, you can take care of these goods, which will increase the difficulty of thieves and reduce the loss of business.

In addition, it is not appropriate to place the most easily stolen goods near the exit, because the traffic at the door is large, and the salesperson is not easy to find or distinguish the thief. In addition, a centralized approach can be taken to concentrate some of the easily lost and high-priced items into a relatively small area, forming a shopping space similar to a “boutique area”, which is very conducive to theft prevention of goods. For some customers with abnormal behavior, employees must have a certain degree of precaution. If a customer stays in the so-called “blank area” for too long, the merchant should “inadvertently” maintain a certain distance from the customer to “observe” and track these customers. Identify and take action to notify the relevant department immediately if something is illegal.

I believe that everyone through the Bohang Electronics above the explanation for how small and medium-sized supermarkets should do a good job of supermarket anti-theft.If you have any questions about it,contact us at any time!

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