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How to buy a clothing anti-theft system[Bohang]

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How to buy a clothing anti-theft system[Bohang]

When we buy clothing anti-theft eas system, we often get stuck in many businesses because we have no experience. For example, the equipment we buy is simply a messy alarm,and there are always various false positives in the anti-theft eas system. Or there are a series of problems after the problem of the after-sales service, many of them are buying bad quality products, which makes many clothing store owners have a headache, spent a lot of money, today Xiaobian will introduce How to buy clothing security doors correctly.

1.choose sound magnetic security door or eas RF security door

At present, the most common installation is the acoustic magnetic security access control. The stability and detection rate are better than the RF. Although the price is expensive, the problem of false alarms after installation is reduced, saving a lot of money. If the budget is not enough, you can choose reliable. RF anti-theft is also no problem at all

2,.do not choose bargains, the most important thing is after-sales service

Many anti-theft garrisons bought in Taobao stores are very cheap, but many are one-time products. After buying them, they will not care about after-sales service. The alarm effect is also very bad. At this time, the problem is equal to white, so you must not be cheap. Secondly, choose a merchant with after-sales warranty, and problems can be repaired free of charge during the warranty period.

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