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How to choose EAS AM anti-theft security door-professional manufacturers help you[BOHANG China]

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How to choose EAS AM anti-theft security door-professional manufacturers help you[BOHANG China]

With the continuous development of open retail industry, free choice of prices, free experience has become a favorite way of shopping, but while merchants provide customers with this convenient shopping experience, product safety issues are also an important issue that bothers merchants . Faced with this difficult problem, EAS anti-theft security doors have appeared. Currently, there are mainly two types of EAS security doors in the market, one is an RF anti-theft security door and the other is an AM anti-theft security door.

bohang AM anti-theft security door

In the face of these two systems, we How to choose? The following editor will give you an introduction on how to choose an EAS AM anti-theft security door.

First of all, from the technical level, because RF anti-theft security door currently use analog signals, and AM anti-theft security door use digital transmission technology, the AM anti-theft security door are relatively accurate in signal identification, and the equipment is not easily interfered by other unrelated signals , equipment stability is better.

bohang AM anti-theft security door

In terms of detection distance, the effective protection channel of the current RF anti-theft security door is 90cm-120cm from a soft label, 120-200cm from a hard tag.The detection distance of the AM anti-theft security door is 110-180cm from a soft label, and 140-280cm from a hard tag. Relatively speaking,AM anti-theft security door detection distance to be wider, the mall installation feels more spacious.Therefore, when choosing an anti-theft door in these two aspects, we must choose the appropriate anti-theft device according to the width of the shop door and the surrounding environment.

bohang AM anti-theft security door

In terms of price, due to the earlier application of RF equipment, the price is lower than that of AM anti-theft security door. However, with the continuous improvement and rapid development of AM equipment in recent years, the cost has gradually decreased. The current price gap between the two types of equipment Is gradually shrinking.

bohang AM anti-theft security door

But there is an old saying-cheap is no good,you must not buy good equipment at low prices, high prices may not buy good equipment, only the choice of affordable brands, cost-effective equipment is suitable for you. In terms of appearance display effects and materials, the most high-end ones are mostly acrylic materials, which not only look good and are durable, they are a better choice now. Well, the above are some factors that need to be considered when choosing an AM anti-theft security door.

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