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How to choose a clothing anti-theft alarm system? [Bohang China]

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How to choose a clothing anti-theft alarm system? [Bohang China]


Many clothing stores because of the large area of the store, the traffic volume, the clerk's care is not comprehensive, often there are some high-priced clothes stolen, in order to reduce the economic losses caused by the theft of clothing stores, some clothing store business owners choose to give themselves The store installs a clothing anti-theft alarm system. So in the face of so many styles of equipment on the market, how can we choose the appropriate clothing anti-theft alarm system? Today, Bohang China will teach you how to choose the appropriate clothing anti-theft device.


 Bohang clothing anti-theft alarm system


Speaking of the clothing anti-theft alarm system, nowadays the major clothing stores use more monitoring equipment and clothing anti-theft alarm systems. I don't think there is any doubt about the monitoring equipment. When you buy it, there will not be too many doubts. In general, some small boutique shops have a lot of traffic. The installation of monitoring equipment can play a very good role in anti-theft. It is. As for the clothing anti-theft device, many people are still unclear about this. Currently, the clothing anti-theft devices commonly used on the market mainly include the 8.2MHZ radio frequency anti-theft system and the 58KHZ acoustic anti-theft system. 

The radio frequency anti-theft system is used earlier in the shop anti-theft, the price is relatively low, the equipment is vulnerable to some external interference during the work, resulting in false negatives. The sound magnetic anti-theft system has a wide detection distance relative to the radio frequency anti-theft system. The detection width of the general hard tag is between 1.8 and 2.2 meters. The product performance is stable, the detection rate is high, the anti-interference is strong, and it is not prone to false positives and false negatives. But the price is relatively high.


In addition to the choice of the type of clothing, there are also different types of installation and material. The installation method is generally divided into two types: column type and concealed type. When it comes to column type anti-theft devices, everyone should be familiar with it. The price of a set is generally 4000. Below, it is suitable for most clothing stores. Concealed anti-theft device is actually a kind of acoustic magnetic anti-theft system. This kind of anti-theft device is stable in the sound and magnetic anti-theft device, and the detection rate is relatively high. The normal detection rate is 99%. 

Bohang clothing anti-theft alarm system

This type of anti-theft device is installed under the floor, which saves the space of the store and enhances the beauty of the store. The performance advantage determines its price is not good, it is recommended that some high-end clothing stores can install concealed anti-theft devices for aesthetics. The material is divided into two kinds of acrylic and ABS engineering plastics. The appearance of the acrylic anti-theft device is tall and high, giving a very comfortable feeling and high cost performance. The ABS engineering plastic material anti-theft device is durable and not easy. Discoloration, deformation, equipment is also relatively light, the price is relatively low relative to acrylic.


At present, there are many types of clothing anti-theft alarm systems on the market. When choosing, the merchants should not blindly choose because of the diligent contact of the salesperson of the merchant, or the loudness of the manufacturers advertisement. Be sure to combine the needs of their own stores and choose a Suitable clothing anti-theft alarm system. If you want to know more about the clothing anti-theft alarm system, please contact Bohang China, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Bohang clothing anti-theft alarm system

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