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How to choose a good quality supermarket security alarm? [Bohang China]

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How to choose a good quality supermarket security alarm? [Bohang China]


1. Supermarket anti-theft performance must be stable.

The most concerned issue for supermarket owners is the detection rate and false positive rate of supermarket security alarm. If there are frequent alarms causing trouble to the clerk, causing consumer dissatisfaction, it will bring some unnecessary troubles. Therefore, we must choose equipment that is stable in performance. Bohang supermarket security alarm is equipped with a high-end DSP processor, the detection rate is over 99%, the alarm speed is fast, and the anti-interference ability is strong, almost zero false positives and false negatives.


 Bohang supermarket security alarm


2. The appearance of the supermarket security alarm should be of high quality.

There are many types of supermarket security alarm. Some supermarket security alarm are made of inferior materials. After a period of time, the appearance is easily deformed. It is recommended to use ABS engineering plastics or acrylic transparent materials. The strength is high, and the stability is not easy to deform. Rugged and beautiful.


3. Combined with the overall situation of their own supermarkets, can not blindly pursue cheap.

Because the location, size and layout of each supermarket are different, the types of products and brands that need to be protected inside the supermarket are also different, so you should choose the appropriate anti-theft device according to actual needs. It is recommended that you try to choose the best quality. When you buy, you can't just pursue the cheap. The cheap anti-theft device not only fails to function as an alarm, but also frequently reports false negatives and false positives.


 Bohang supermarket security alarm


4. Choose to have after-sales service manufacturers to buy


supermarket security alarm will have some problems in daily work, and need professional personnel to go to the door for debugging and maintenance. Some anti-theft devices purchased by Taobao on the Taobao need to come back and install themselves, because there is no professional installation experience, installation and debugging It takes time and effort, and it is even more anxious when equipment malfunctions. Therefore, we must pay attention to this aspect of after-sales when purchasing supermarket security alarm.Bohang China has a nationwide service, and arranges professional engineers to install and debug equipment. The quality of the products sold within 365 days is free of charge, and the product can be extended to 5 years.

Bohang supermarket security alarm

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