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How to choose a supermarket eas decoder? [Bohang China]

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How to choose a supermarket eas decoder? [Bohang China]


The popular use of anti-theft devices is accompanied by the development of supporting equipment, which is not only a variety of eccentric anti-theft consumables, but also a variety of high-end anti-theft unlocking devices and supermarket eas decoder, which are not only compatible with anti-theft devices. How do you choose to purchase these devices yourself as you need them in the future? Today Bohang China will tell you how to choose a supermarket eas decoder.


Bohang supermarket eas decoder

First of all, when a general merchant wants to purchase a supermarket eas decoder by himself, the person who uses the device should be allowed to purchase. Because these people are very familiar with the characteristics of the product, these personnel are responsible for purchasing these devices according to their own usage habits. The choice is efficient, easy to operate, and devices that are more adaptable to changing needs.

Secondly, when purchasing a supermarket eas decoder, it is very important to consider the needs of the cashier. Store staff need to continuously scan product barcodes during peak shopping hours. They need to be sure that the EAS labels on the products have been decoded; otherwise, customers will be embarrassed and unhappy due to false positives. The most important factor is the performance of the decoder. The main considerations are as follows: 

1. Performance indicators: including the decoded vertical distance and the speed of decoding the tag (high-efficiency devices can decode 100-150 tags in one minute).

2. Power consumption: The cumulative power consumption of thousands of equipment is also a large expense. Moreover, based on the company's corporate social responsibility, saving electricity is also a sustainable development strategy of the company.

Bohang supermarket eas decoder

3. Flexibility: Is the decoding system compatible with all scanners on the market? This feature is essential for retailers who use different types of scanners or are ready to change scanners.

4. Network Capability: Consider whether the decoder is integrated with data management and loss prevention management? Can I upgrade from RF to RFID?

5. Configuration: Are there different options for different configurations? For example, when a tag is decoded, the customer wants to hear the decoded tone.

6. Size: The smaller the size of the supermarket eas decoder, the better, it will not take up too much space when placed at the checkout counter.

Bohang supermarket eas decoder

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