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How to choose acrylic eas security gate [Bohang]

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How to choose acrylic eas security gate [Bohang]


The role that supermarkets play in our lives is very large. We can buy all kinds of products that are helpful to our lives, so the phenomenon of stealing in supermarkets is also more common. Therefore, in order to prevent the safety of goods from being stolen, more and more bosses have begun to use the anti-theft device of the supermarket to prevent theft. The quality is better, it is an acrylic eas security gate.


 Bohang acrylic eas security gate


1. There is a difference in the location, size and layout of each supermarket. Each supermarket needs to protect the types of goods and brands. Therefore, the acrylic eas security gate should be selected according to actual needs.


2. For the supermarket owner, the most concerned about the detection rate and false positive rate of the acrylic eas security gate, if the frequent occurrence of chaotic alarm will cause unnecessary trouble to the clerk, it will cause consumer dissatisfaction, bring some unnecessary trouble, It has a great influence on the reputation and turnover of supermarkets. Therefore, we must choose equipment that is stable in performance.


3. acrylic eas security gate is mainly hard tags. These hard tags can be used repeatedly and repeatedly. It is recommended that you choose the best quality. Do not pursue cheaply when you buy. It is often not cheap, not only does it not function as an alarm. Frequent omissions and false positives will occur.


 Bohang acrylic eas security gate


4. For the acrylic eas security gate should also choose strong anti-interference ability, strong anti-interference ability can effectively reduce the false positive rate. If the anti-theft device has been falsely reported, it will directly affect the consumer's purchase, so the purchase principle is the most The important point is that you should choose equipment that is resistant to interference.


5. Acrylic eas security gate will have some problems in daily work, and need professional personnel to go to the door for debugging and maintenance. Some merchants need to install the acrylic eas security gate on Taobao, because there is no professional installation experience, installation and debugging It takes time and effort, and it is even more anxious when equipment malfunctions. Therefore, we must pay attention to this aspect of after-sales when purchasing.

Bohang acrylic eas security gate

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