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How to choose different store anti-theft EAS system? [Bohang China]

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How to choose different store anti-theft EAS system? [Bohang China]

AS we all know,different store have different characteristics,these stores are often different in the choice of the anti-theft EAS system because of different characteristics.Before we Bohang Electronics gives you recommendation for your store,we will introduce you the types of store anti-theft EAS system.They can be divided into two categories, one is the AM burglar alarm, and the other is the RF burglar alarm. At the same time, it can also be divided into the main and auxiliary working modes, and the separate working mode-mono type.

Bohang anti-theft EAS system

1. For clothing store

Clothing stores generally recommend using for the main and auxiliary modes burglar alarms.Both AM and RF antenna are all OK.Because if can use MONO type,the main and auxiliary modes burglar alarms can be used surely.Of course, if your clothing store is small and has only one entrance, then we recommend using MONO type anti-theft EAS system.However, the price of the RF anti-theft device is cheaper than the price of the AM anti-theft device. If the budget is limited, you can choose the RF anti-theft device.

2. For supermarket

Under normal circumstances, the supermarket recommends the installation of AM anti-theft EAS system, because large supermarkets have elevators and large power supply equipment. At the same time, there will be different storefronts in the supermarket. In order to prevent mutual influence between each other, it is recommended to use an AM burglar alarm.In addition to these, because the RF anti-theft EAS system can not protect chocolate, chewing gum and other goods, because the radio wave generated by the RF coil does not reflect back.The AM anti-theft device can protect cigarettes, toothpaste, chocolate, chewing gum and other products, the AM magnetic strip vibration can be transmitted back.

Bohang anti-theft EAS system

3. For drugstore

For pharmacies, we generally recommend using a AM anti-theft EAS system alarm because there are more aluminum foil products in the pharmacy.AM burglar alarm has strong ability to recognize metals and is not susceptible to interference.

4. For bookstore and library

For the bookstore, we recommend using a RF anti-theft EAS system alarm.The installation distance is 1-1.2 meters.For the library,EM is OK,the advantage is that the magnetic strip is small, magnetization degaussing, and can be used repeatedly.The disadvantage is that the system is poor, the detection rate is low, and the installation distance cannot exceed 85cm.

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