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How to choose eas security gate? [Bohang China]

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How to choose eas security gate? [Bohang China]


Nowadays, supermarkets and clothing stores are choosing more and more eas security gate, and eas anti-theft security gate can have a deterrent effect on criminals. Due to the inconsistency of quality, there will be a big difference in the anti-theft alarm effect. Therefore, the merchant does not know how to choose eas anti-theft security gate? I don't know what to choose for eas security gate. Let us introduce the introduction below.


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Selecting eas anti-theft security gate mainly depends on the detection rate. Since the label of eas anti-theft security gate has directionality, the detection rate should be based on the average of the detection rates in all directions. The detection rate is based on the better system quality. Different eas anti-theft security gate detection rates will be very different. The installation spacing will also affect the detection rate. Therefore, the protection width of the eas anti-theft security gate should be considered to avoid the width between the supports. Too narrow, affecting customers in and out.


eas security gate Bohang 


The choice of eas anti-theft security gate mainly depends on the system's false positives and anti-interference. If a non-label item triggers an alarm, it will bring difficulties to the judgment of the staff member and even cause conflicts between the customer and the shopping mall. Due to the limitations of the principle, the current common eas security gate can not completely eliminate false positives, but the performance will be different. 

When the eas anti-theft security gate is disturbed, the system will send an alarm signal when no one passes or does not trigger any alarm items. This phenomenon is called false report or self-sounding. eas anti-theft security gate is often self-sounding because it is susceptible to environmental disturbances. If the clothing store clothes have metal objects, it will shield the eas theft anti-theft tag, so that the eas anti-theft security gate detection device can not detect the existence of effective tags or the detection sensitivity is greatly reduced, which will cause the system to not issue an alarm.

eas security gate Bohang

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