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How to choose security tag[Bohang China]

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It is installed on knitwear and other commodities. The security tag used for anti-theft is called anti-theft hard tag. It is also called: anti-theft buckle, magnetic buckle, anti-theft hard buckle, clothing anti-theft buckle and so on. How to choose the anti-theft buckle? Judging the quality of the clothing anti-theft buckle mainly depends on the following points:


1, the outer shell

Features: The high quality anti-theft buckle is generally made of new ABS engineering plastics. The appearance brightness is soft, the touch is good, the surface has no obvious impurities; the quality anti-theft buckle is generally made of recycled ABS plastic or modified to make ABS The brightness of the appearance is not uniform, the touch feeling is relatively poor, the surface often has obvious impurities, and the appearance of the new material is difficult to discriminate, but it is more brittle and easy to break.

Consequences: The high-quality new ABS engineering plastic has strong anti-aging ability, moderate strength and is not easy to be damaged. The conventional environment can generally be used for more than 10 years; the recycled ABS engineering plastic plaque has poor anti-aging ability, is fragile, easy to break, and is more brittle. The general environment can only be used for 6 months - 3 years.

Destructive testing method: A, with a hammer to roll, generally good material 3-5 or more will be damaged, and is partially damaged, not easy to remove; recycled materials and poor materials will break under 1-2, and easy to form damaged. B, bite with teeth, ABS new material will have tooth marks, not easy to break; recycled materials and poor materials are easy to break. C, with a longer needle top lock position, ABS new material is not easy to wear through, even in the case of a large force on the top, only one needle is out; the recycled material is easy to wear, and the top wear will have a crack.

2, the coil

Features: The coil of positive quality and anti-theft buckle is made of pure copper wire. The general radio frequency uses plastic wire, the magnetic magnetic wire uses enameled wire, the magnetic magnetic bar also uses high quality, the coil has good electrical performance and high Q value. After the cut, the core reflects the light on the copper; the quality is usually made of copper-clad aluminum coil, the electrical performance is poor, and the Q value is low. After the cut, the core reflects the outer ring of copper and the center is white.

Consequences: The high-quality anti-theft buckle has a high alarm detection rate, and the damage rate during the use of the label is extremely low; the quality of the alarm detection rate is low, because the aluminum is brittle, easy to break, and the damage rate is high.

Detection: Whether it is easy to damage when vibrating, the RF tag can be thrown on the ground and bounce more than 2 meters, and the label can be detected again (more than 50, generally good quality will not be damaged); the same detector detects a large detection interval The quality is excellent. It can be detected using the BH9277 RF detector.


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